We celebrate all the wonderful things cats have to offer us.
Adopting a cat from a shelter rather than a breeder can save its life, and bring joy into yours!

Why Cats?

  1. Cats are cuddly. Who doesn’t love curling up with a fluffy cat and a good book? Cats are companions who love to be petted and to reciprocate with an infectious purr. Their fur is soft and their antics are amusing – what’s not to love about cats? Shelter cats are often extra affectionate and eager to prove their loyalty to a new owner.
  2. They are low maintenance. For those who can’t attend to the demands of a dog but yearn for animal companionship, a cat is perfect. Cats don’t require bathroom breaks every few hours – there are even self-cleaning litter boxes for the really hands-off. Most breeds also have minimal grooming needs, as they clean themselves!
  3. Cats are quiet. Prospective pet owners that like their peace and quiet prefer gently meowing cats to loudly barking dogs. Not to say that cats are better than dogs – they just can offer different things to suit different personalities. Cats are content to curl up on a chair, rather than chase a ball around the yard. If you prefer quiet to the loud, a cat is definitely the pet for you.
  4. Cats can reduce stress. Petting a cat is a pleasurable experience, which triggers the release of serotonin, a “happy-making” chemical, in your brain. Looking to cut some stress out of your life? Adopt a cat!
  5. You can save a life. Out of the hundreds of cats that are sent to shelters every year, many are put down because they cannot find a home. Finding a place in your heart and home for a cat can save it from death and make a difference in the world.

If you are considering getting a cat, some may want to go to a breeder to select a specific type of cat, rather than an animal shelter.

However, shelter cats have many benefits over those from breeders:

  • They are already neutered or spayed, immunized, and assessed for health risks, saving you veterinary costs.
  • Cats from a shelter are also litter box-trained and more socialized, preventing potential training issues.
  • Cat breeders or pet shops may also not have the best conditions, and are more interested in making a sale than providing for the welfare of the animal.

Come this New Year, add another member to your family by adopting a shelter cat! Save a life, and bring a source of joy into yours

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